Frequently Asked Questions About Health's Affiliate Program

How Does iHealth’s Affiliate Program Work?

The iHealth affiliate program allows accepted participants the opportunity to earn a commission off of non-promotional items on This commission can be earned when a sale is referred to the iHealth Web site via one of the links and/or banners available through the Shareasale network.

Who Can Be An Affiliate?

Anyone can apply to be an iHealth affiliate. iHealth will review each application accordingly and reserves the right to approve or deny each application for any reason.

How Do I Join The Program?

Applications can be filed to join the iHealthLabs affiliate program through the company’s Shareasale account at Once your application has been filed, a member of our team will review your application and approve or deny it in a timely manner.

Does It Cost Me Anything To Become An Affiliate?

Nope, the iHealth affiliate program is free to join!

What Is The Commission Rate?

iHealth’s commission rate is 20% for each sale generated via one of URLs or banners in our Sharesale inventory.

Commissions are only valid on items that are purchased through the Web site.

Are Web Sites Outside The US Eligible?

As of now, affiliate programs around the world can join the iHealth affiliate program, however iHealth only ships its products to the United States and Canada, so any sales that occur outside of these regions will not be eligible for a commission nor can product be delivered to any other country. iHealth realizes that many Web sites based in other countries receive traffic from the US and Canada and thus makes the affiliate program available to these Web sites with the restrictions listed above.

How Do I Access Banners And Links To iHealth’s Site Products?

Once an affiliate is approved to join the iHealth affiliate network, they will have access to iHealth’s wide array of banners and links within Shareasale. These banners and links are updated regularly and iHealth makes a point of regularly communicating changes to its affiliate program through the Shareasale network.

Are There Any Restrictions On Getting Customers?

As of now, affiliates who use iHealth’s trademarked company name or any derivative in PPC or other advertising promotions will not receive commission on their sales and are subject to getting their commission rates lowered.

Can I Get A Site-Specific Promotion?

iHealth is always excited about the possibility of working closely with our affiliates on Web site-specific promotions. If you’re interested in working with us on a site-specific deal, contact us at!

Where Can I Get Additional Information?

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns at!